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Employee Offboarding

Taking care of your employees from their arrival to their departure will bring many benefits to your company: reputation, network, and performance.


Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is what sets either a strong or faulty foundation for new hires, as it can increase job satisfaction, and lower stress levels.


The Cloud Migration

Cloud migration refers to the process of transferring on-premise databases, applications and IT processes to the cloud.


Short stories about cyber attack

Since 2015, cyber attacks numbers have been rising. More than ever, it is important to address cyber security issues and threats.  

Web 3.0

Web 3.0: Metaverse

What is the Metaverse? Should we see the future of the Internet in this?

US borders reopened to French citizens

The United States reopened November 8th its borders to travelers vaccinated against Covid-19, after twenty months of restrictions.


Hybrid Work Models in 2021 and Beyond

Combining work-from-home and on-site work, hybrid models offer employees more flexibility when it comes to their individual management of...


The Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 integrates all of Microsoft’s existing online applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) into a cloud service.


Best High Tech for the WFH era

High technology, also dubbed “frontier tech” or “frontier technology,” is tech that’s recognized as the latest, most advanced available.


What’s the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The “internet of things” describes the network of physical objects, that are embedded with technology for the purpose of connecting and exchanging...


Technology for Remote Learning

Hyperdocs, video recording programs and tools that increase student engagement for remote learning.


Four Ways To Fight Off Infection

Your daily-used IT equipments could be the reason why you are always sick. Fortunately, there are easy rules to follow to make sure it won't happen...


Streaming TV and Movie technology

Throughout the ages, a constant improvement. was made into true innovations, creating new ways and channels of communication.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The first digitally operated and programmable robot was invented by George Devol in 1954 and was ultimately called the Unimate.


Maintenance contracts

Another day at the office with our tech installing new #computer and network software for Lenet’s valuable clients.


LENET Acquired BO Technology LLC

LENET has Acquired BO Technology. Our CEO, Olivier Havette is happy to announce that Lenet has acquired BO Technology, LLC.


Green Technology

Within the last few years, LENET has worked hard to minimize our ecological footprint as well as our clients’.

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