3 ways to Solve Your IT Issues Faster

Are you tired of wasting time trying to solve IT issues? Learn more about how to make this process easier and faster for your team.

TOP 3 tips to Solve Your IT Issues Faster

1. Explain the Issue

Whenever you submit or call in a ticket to receive the best IT support, your best strategy is to provide our team with as much background information as possible. More description is better than less. For instance, if you can't get online, providing details like how long you've been offline, what you were doing prior to encountering the issue, and whether anyone else in the office is experiencing the same problem can help us paint a complete picture and deliver support as efficiently as possible.

2. Replicate the Issue

It is also in your best interest to replicate the issue you're calling in before contacting our IT support team. What will help is showing us the specific error message that pops up while you are attempting a computer task. Sharing that error message and what prompted it will help us get to the root of the problem and help you faster. While we understand that not all issues, like slow computer speed, can be recreated, and the error you are encountering may not happen every time, knowing how exactly you generated that error will help us resolve your issue with minimum pain.

3. Take Screenshots

Taking a screen capture of the issue is one of the best things you can do, especially when emailing a problem to your support representative. If you use a PC, open the START menu and search for "Snipping Tool." After opening this up, your screen will freeze, letting you take a quick snippet of the issue or error. If you use a Mac, take a screenshot by holding down Command+Shift+3. In the same way that the other two steps speed up issue resolution, taking screenshots will help us get a head start on troubleshooting, restoring your network, and allowing you to resume normal business operations.

Having an outsourced IT support team can help to reduce the time consumed by IT issues even more, whether you have internal support to work with them or not. 

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