Best tools for Remote Learning

Best hyperdocs, video recording programs, and tools that increase student engagement for remote learning.

Best of Remote Learning Technology Tools

As the global pandemic rages on, students of all ages are faced with a new school year – and new ways of learning. While some will join physical classrooms and practice social distancing, others will have to rely on technology to stay up to speed with their education from home. IT teams across the country are busy teaching both instructors and students the ins and outs of videoconferencing portals, online apps, and workflow programs.

What are some of the tech tools that can help teachers, parents, and students alike? Read below for a few that we love.

1. Hyperdocs

Hyperdocs are online Word-like docs where all learning cycle components are organized into one central hub. Within a single document, students and professors can access hyperlinks to all of the resources they need to complete a learning cycle. Each online document has a shareable link and can be accessed by multiple people simultaneously. A hyperdoc can also be an excellent resource for group work and projects. Google Docs might be the most popular platform, replete with various templates suitable for all kinds of lessons and multimedia.  

2. Video recording programs

Video tutorials make online learning more interactive and memorable – plus, who doesn't like to have the ability to rewind when caught daydreaming? Screencastify or Loom are great tools for recording yourself explaining a concept, all while sharing your desktop screen. The final files can then be uploaded on Youtube or other online platforms to be shared with students.

3. Tools that increase student engagement

In the absence of in-person student callouts, board writing, and group work, instructors can still encourage interactivity and engagement from afar. Nearpod is a teacher-favorite instructional platform that inspires learner participation with various activities, such as open-ended questions, fill-in-the-blank, Flipgrid, and matching pairs. Another excellent resource is Edpuzzle, which allows teachers to embed questions, narration, or notes throughout any video, so checking engagement and understanding of concepts. Daydreamers, beware!

As the school year progresses, myriad more fun and helpful tech tools will spring up to enliven remote learning. We wish fast connections and reliable IT teams to all students, teachers, and parents as they navigate these unusual circumstances.

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