What are the Risks of Entrusting Only One Person With your IT?

Here are the top reasons why you should not entrust only one person with your IT, and how outsourcing your IT might help.

When it comes to IT, every company has its management style. Regardless of your management style, here are the risks you are taking while entrusting a single person with your IT and how LENET can help.

Turnover and loss of knowledge

The turnover risk is very high in today's job market, especially since the pandemic. The tech industry turnover rate stands at 13.2%, which is higher than many other business sectors, and with turnover comes the risk of loss of knowledge. 

→ As an MSP, Lenet ensures that your knowledge and data will stay accessible, independently from internal changes. 

Expertise limited to the knowledge of the IT person

Entrusting only one person with your IT means you are 100% dependent on this person. Yet it is well known that several people often need to work together to overcome some problems. 

→ LENET's team is composed of team players that work together when issues are encountered. As a result, we are more efficient and more qualified to solve arising problems.

Risk during off-boarding

Loss of knowledge during team member off-boarding is a risk, and it gets particularly critical when the one leaving is the company's unique IT team member. On the one hand, onboarding is what sets either a solid or faulty foundation for new hires, as it has the power to increase job satisfaction and lower stress levels. On the other hand, off-boarding can put a company at risk if not handled properly. 

→ At Lenet, we can assist you in making both on-boarding & off-boarding easier and safer (software licensing, hardware management, data backup, etc.). 

Your IT team member lacks time to focus on what matters

Companies encounter many small (level 1) IT problems daily, which can hinder your IT development. The time your IT support spends on level 1 issues is time they can't use to develop your business.

With outsourced IT management, save time for your team to focus on things that matter, such as IT strategy

IT support might sometimes be unavailable.

In our technology-driven World, IT problems are often very urgent. Your IT support should be available anytime you need it. Entrusting a single person with your IT implies that IT support might be unavailable: vacations, sick days, and the time difference.

→ Our team comprises qualified engineers based in major US cities, ensuring full US time zone coverage.

At LENET, we collaborate with your team to make IT management more effortless and secure your Organization's data. Please reach out if you want to know more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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