Within the last few years, LENET has worked hard to minimize our ecological footprint as well as our clients’. We are now committed, more than ever, to being at the forefront of efforts required by the #ParisAgreement.

– Within the last 5 years, we have reduced the use of paper by 95%. Most of our documents including client quotes, contracts and invoices are now presented and managed electronically.

– LENET formats and donates outdated computers to charity and recycles hardware that can no longer be utilized.  

– We make our processes more efficient by implementing new ways to service our clients. We often hold remote meetings and we resolve technical support issues without the need for offsite travel.

– LENET actively encourages our clients to be more energy-efficient and reduces costs by selling Energystar compliant hardware.

We are committed to environmental leadership and we work hard and will continue to work hard to reduce our ecological footprint.

Green Hints:

– Allow your computer to go into Sleep Mode after 15 minutes and Hibernation mode after 30 minutes

– Use laptops instead of desktops. Laptops usually use up to 80% less energy.

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