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Cloud Migration

Reduce the cost of your infrastructure by migrating your servers to the cloud. We offer solutions to securely store your important data and access your documents from any location. Our clients can rely on flexible security capabilities, where double authentication and a backup security platform provide the technological solutions necessary to protect against potential risks. Our cloud technology is resilient with the ability of multi-zone regions and can support different workloads.

  • Security

  • Scalability

  • Cost reduction

  • Access

Central storage brings more robust security than traditional data centers 

Our cloud providers migrate your data  ( OVH, AWS, Microsoft Azure)  and offer more robust security. Double authentication and backup security platform provide the technological solutions necessary to protect against potential risks.

The cloud follows you in your evolution.

Cloud technology represents a $1 trillion opportunity for companies. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to capitalize on its full potential. Whether you want to scale up or down, you can gain the ability to do so with the cloud. It gives you agility and, thus, more efficiency and productivity. At Lenet, we bring together the best business strategy and cloud technology, empowering organizations and delivering transformational impact.

Pay only for what you use. 

Migrating to the cloud removes expenses in any physical data center locations. It gives you the flexibility to grow your business with limited boundaries.

Access your data all over the world 

Switching to the cloud helps you gain the possibility of accessing important information from anywhere in the world.

Software development

As a business, it is important not to remain static. Our team of developers can integrate your software and develop a solid online presence to improve your company's bottom line. 

Projects we can work on:
  • Managing/ improving your software
  • Automatize the flux of information across your various programs (CRM, accounting, ERP, website…)
  • Transform your spreadsheets into dashboards to increase your responsiveness
  • With EDI, increase your sales across major U.S. chains (Amazon, Target, BB&B…)
  • Reduce errors and save time with the automation of your previously manual processes

Virtual CIO 

Implements Strategic Priorities &

Guides Operational

Presents Data on Regulatory
Compliance Matters