Migrate to the cloud

Reduce the cost of your infrastructure by migrating your servers to the cloud.


Lenet offers solutions to securely store your important data and access your documents from any location.  Lenet’s clients can rely on flexible security capabilities, where double authentication and back-up security platform provide the technological solutions necessary to protect potential risks.

Our cloud technology is resilient with the capability of multi-zone regions, with ability to support different workloads.

Explore Voice over IP services

Lenet’s VOIP (voice over internet) enable clients to use the internet as a medium for voice calls.
Our telephony system with smart technology and streamlined performance adds increased savings for our client’s businesses. IP telephony offers significant cost reductions and creates new avenues of communication.


The Advantages:


  • International phone calls become a fraction of the cost of rates offered by traditional providers. National calls are included with unlimited conference calls including audio and video.

  • You gain more flexibility by accessing your calls regardless of your location.


Audit your telecom bill

An  audit is a recommended defense system against expenditure loopholes. With a telecom audit, clients gain control over costs and make up budgetary ground. Lenet’s telecom audit enables decision-makers to gain an accurate image of all existing technologies and services, and the associated billing environments. With this insight in hand, business leaders can better manage their telecom workflows and construct a better foundation for savings.


EDI solution to ensure your supply chain's resiliency


Lenet’s EDI software ensures the proper management and delivery of our client’s important supplies while limiting the risk of human error. Our software keeps orders flowing and connects all parties, including suppliers, retailers, and other logistics providers to our client’s ERP.


Users enjoy reduced costs, increased processing speed, reduced errors, and better relationships with business partners. Our translator solution facilitates the management of high-volume and performance requirements within multiple industries including retail, health and beauty, food, and more.

Our EDI software has become our client’s primary document exchange capability software, for supporting system integration.


Our EDI software enables the automation of order processing from beginning to billing. Thanks to our EDI online platform, we normalize and integrate the flow of information regardless of its source. 


  • Automatize the flux of information across your various programs (CRM, Accounting, ERP, Website…)

  • Transform your spreadsheets in dashboards to increase your responsiveness

  • With EDI, increase your sales across major U.S. chains (Amazon, Target, BB&B…)

  • Reduce errors and save time with the automation of your previously manual processes



Security Audit

With our audit, we present our clients with a detailed rapport that includes recommendations regarding optimal usage of present and future IT investments.


Each audit analyses includes:

  • IT equipment

  • Network architecture

  • Security (backups, antivirus, ransomware, spam)

  • Software (OS, Accounting, CRM, ERP) At Lenet, we’d like to ensure proper protection of your company’s assets and integrity of your data.


We work with our clients on their technology transformation initiatives with correct carrying out of an in-depth analysis of their technology, security level and computer support procedures.

Maintenance contracts adapted to your needs, so that you can maximize the productivity of your teams.

Each contract includes:

  •  A dynamic support system (Help Desk accessible by phone, email, text message or client portal)

  •  24/7 monitoring of your systems (preventive maintenance)

  •  Unlimited long-distance support

  •  On-site interventions on a regular or optional basis


Our mission is to enable our clients to reach beyond what their own internal and financial resources can offer, so that they can enhance their company’s performance while controlling and optimizing their costs down to the smallest detail

Backup and security for unforeseen events

It is essential to adapt to changing consumer behavior and protect your business in case of security threats.


Lenet implements the technological solutions required by our clients and intervenes in the case of cyberattacks or unforeseen accidents


We ensure:

  •  Protection of data by employing the 3-2-1-0 rule: 3 copies, 2 types of backups, 1 remote, 0 risks

  • Virtual protection: active surveillance of your IT equipment, detection of intrusions, filtering of internet traffic, spam filtering, filtering out phishing pages

  • Physical protection: access management (magnetic cards) and surveillance systems (cameras, video recording)

  • Secure protection against technological risks


Each of our clients must be able to focus on the development of their company without having to worry about issues pertaining to information security. 

With our resources, we ensure our client’s critical systems continuity.

Managed Security

Even innocent actions can introduce cyber threats that destroy years of your business’ innovation. Lenet’s cyber security threat  solutions can help thwart an insider and outsider threat.

Constructing a  custom security plan  for each client requires experience , expertise, and a global reach.

We’ll monitor your firewall, servers, antivirus, and  provide your business with 24 hour technical expertise and  support.  


Website Editing and Maintenance

First impressions count and your website has an impact on your business’ perceived credibility. In today’s visual climate, if you want to be seen, having a good website is essential to your business, and your desired client base.

A well designed website will add credibility to your business, strengthen your brand, and become the backbone of your marketing efforts.