Streaming TV and Movie technology

Technology touches almost every aspect of our lives and has changed the ways we interact,
communicate, stay informed and entertain ourselves. Throughout the ages, a constant improvement.

was made into true innovations, creating new ways and channels of communication.

The constant evolution of technology took us from the invention of writing by hand, followed by the
invention of printing words to spread ideas on a larger scale, to where we are today; communicating and sharing via the internet reaching others globally and in real time.

The same is true when it comes to entertainment; it is only when we started to master airwaves that things took on another dimension as with the invention of the radio soon followed by the invention of television.

The advent of the internet supported by the development on the new ways to compress and transport data brought us today to the wide use of TV and movie streaming services. Who doesn’t have a Netflix, HULU and/or YouTube account nowadays? In this time of pandemic, we all rely on those services to stay informed and entertain the whole family.

Everyone now has the ability to stream on their own devices content that allows us to keep our spirit up and maintain peace in the household.
Technology devices have taken over this era and brought streaming services into our lives transforming the way we consume entertainment, stay informed and keep touch with our culture when living abroad.

Without this amazing technology what our lives would be ? Where will it take us?  I’m looking forward to seeing what technological evolution the future holds for us.

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