Let Your Orders Fulfill Themselves

Stock Visibility
Stock Visibility
Improve and strengthen your supply chain, from
your manufacturer to the final destination, by
gaining end-to-end visibility on parts, components
or products. Use that information to set up targets
and attain an optimal resource allocation. Make
those real time inventory updates available to all
parties, including customers!
Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment
Take full advantage of increased order volumes by
automating processes. Exchange transactional
documents, transmit suppliers or customers
invoices automatically. With automation, you
ensure information accuracy, eliminate delays and
errors in communication and overall guarantee
proper supply chain coordination and productivity.
Meaningful KPIs
Meaningful KPIs
With centralized data, understand, evaluate and
act upon your accurate supply chain information.
With the right information at the right time,
simplify your management and monitoring
processes. From there, set up accurate goals and
monitor your performance with one click.
 We can control our overall distribution with Lenet’s EDI
                  which has allowed us to reduce internal costs and improve
                 our productivity. What’s more, Lenet’s customer service is
          incredible and their responsiveness is very impressive


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